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Acrylic on Canvas

40in x 60in

Heaven's Song

To Lara for your birthday and for Love:

I was listening to music and asking Holy Spirit what to paint for my precious daughter.

She will look every day, I want it to remind her how wonderful You made her.

Lara, as you see, know you are amazing because Jesus says you are!

Angels watch over you and dance when you laugh.

The song, Holding Nothing Back from Bethel Worship Live came on and I played it over and over as I painted for my precious daughter,

“Greater things will come than this.

Greater things will come with this.

When we praise Him.

When we praise Himeven more than this.

Go up Jacob’s ladder.

Pulling down heaven as we sing.

As we pray.

Angels love to sing Heaven’s Song.

Jesus, Jesus, I will hold nothing back from you.

I lay down my crown.

Throw down my crown.

I will hold nothing back from you.”

With love always,


July 2011